9 March 2019


Your Key To Wellness.

1) Aloe Vera Juice
Heals tissues throughout the entire digestive tract.
2) Dietary Chlorophyll
Nourishes and oxygenates entire system detoxifies small intestines from ileocecal valve malfunction and prevents parasites from living in intestines.
3) Potassium
Maintains the electrolyte balance and aids water absorption
4) Probiotics
Provides a positive bacteria balance in the colon and reduces gas
5) Digestive Enzymes
Helps with the digestive process – use a quality product – you get what you pay for.
6) Nutri-Flax or Fiber Formula
Bulking agents, natural fiber and bowel cleansers. Always drink 2 large glasses of water afterward.
7) Castor Oil Pack
To soothe abdominal tightness, cramping or pain and to loosen impactions. Rub castor oil onto your abdomen and cover with a piece of flannel cloth. Cover this with a piece of plastic wrap. Cover this with a hot water bottle or heating pad (set on MED for 1-2 hours).
8) Exercise
Walking is excellent; rebound exercise is fabulous for toning the colon and other organs as well as for stimulation of the lymphatics. Any form of exercise that pleases you is important.
9) Slant Board
Helps elevate the colon – 10 to 30 minutes a day.

10) Colon Massage
To increase peristalsis and to loosen impactions. After warm herb tea or glass of lemon water, massage from right to left and always up
11) Health Drink
For oxygenation and healing of the digestive tract – mix 1 oz aloe vera juice with 1 tsp of dietary chlorophyll in juice, tea, or water every morning.
12) Rejuvelac
A fermented drink made from soaked wheat berries. This is high in all friendly bacteria so necessary for a healthy colon. Soak 1 cup of wheat berries in 1-quart water for 24 hours. Drink the water and re-soak the berries for another 24 hours. You may reuse the grain 3 to 5 times. Try millet or barley for a change. 13) Water So necessary for all bodily functions. Remember to drink at least 8 glasses each day, but not a one-half hour prior to or during meals, or within one and one-half hour after meals. 14) Skin Brushing Detoxifies the skin, stimulates blood supply. Brush feet to shoulders – concentrate on abdominal area and arches of the feet. Always follow skin brushing with a cold shower to close the pores.
15) Bath/Hydrotherapy
To detoxify, take evening following a colonic. Do either Epson Salt or powdered ginger bath. For Epson Salt bath – use 2 cups Epson Salts to the tub of water – as warm as you can tolerate. For Powdered ginger bath – take 4 tablespoons powdered ginger to a tub of water as warm as you can tolerate. Bathe for 10 to 14 minutes only.